The evolution of soccer jerseys and soccer tracksuits

Football jerseys have evolved from rough nylon shirts to high-end clothing that has its own style. The fashion industry has embraced this trend and is now able to create shirts that appeal to all fans. Fans have many different styles to choose from, but some are particularly attractive, such as Arsenal Hummel kits from the 80s or AC Milan kits from the early 90s. The style of the shirt itself has also changed over the years, with many more cuts and colors introduced.

Football shirts are a symbol of a player or team, but they also have stories attached to them. Some people collect a specific team jersey, while others prefer to collect a whole decade or a specific manufacturer. Rare replicas from the 70s to the 90s can cost hundreds of pounds. In fact, Classic Football Shirts sells 300,000 shirts a year. Just a few decades ago, madness served only the needs of fans.

The history of the football jersey began at the beginning of the 20th century. It was introduced to the English Football League in 1922 and became the official kit of the English Football Association. In 1924 Humphrey Brothers Clothing challenged Bukta’s dominance and became Umbro. In the 1920s, football kits lacked innovation. English and Scottish leagues grew, and hoops gained popularity. As a result, the Football Association threatened to fine Humphrey Brothers Clothing PS1000 for failing to comply with its rules.